Neocheck disposable neonatal cuff

Disposable neonatal armbands, soft white fabric material full size ranges with easy color identification, we have a wide range of connectors.

  • Color coding for a quick and accurate choice of the correct cuff size.
Neonatal cuff # 1 Orange 3-6 cm
Neonatal cuff # 2 Sky blue color 4-8 cm
Neonatal cuff # 3 Green color 6-11 cm
Neonatal cuff # 4 Navy color 7-13 cm
Neonatal Cuff # 5 Red Color 8-15cm


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Orange 3-6 cm, Sky Blue 4-8 cm, Green 6-11 cm, Navy 7-13 cm, Red 8-15 cm


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